Airshow Agreement

Kevin Russo Airshows
Show consists of one (SNJ-6/T-6 Texan)
(Appearance Fee)

All payments are to be in U.S. Dollars
One or Two Day Show Rate $3,500.00
Three Day Show Rate $4,500.00

Day Show Rates are only available up to 250 nautical miles. Over 250 miles will be a 2-day rate.

  1. Mileage fee is $2.00 per mile, round trip from Somerset, New Jersey. Mileage invoice will be provided for payment. For airshows within 100 nautical miles of home base there will be no mileage charge.
  2. Fuel requirements 100LL 40 gallons per performance, fuel fill-up upon departure.
  3. 15 gallons of corvus oil required for each performance Texaco/Shell or other main name company is usable.
  4. Engine Oil Requirement 25-60 Phillips or equivalent - 2 gallons.
  5. 1 room required if only pilot shows; 2 rooms if crew chief is with show. Show site will have knowledge of room requirement at show booking. Arrival would be the day prior to show date or earlier if needed.
  6. 1 four door rental car to be furnished for duration of stay.
  7. Sponsor agrees to pay 25% nonrefundable deposit to confirm a date for an airshow.
  8. If K.R.A. is unable to reach show site because of adverse weather conditions, there will be no payment claim by either party. Every effort will be made to reach airshow site prior to show date. The determination of whether the weather is adequate for the performance of the show and/or adequate to reach the site of the show, shall be made solely by K.R.A. If K.R.A. is at show site and the show is cancelled for any reason, 100% payment is required.
  9. Full payment, by certified or organization check is due and payable following completion of the airshow briefing on the final show day. This payment must include round trip mileage fee for the aircraft. Check payable to Kevin J. Russo.
  10. Aircraft carries $1 million single limit liability insurance. If sponsor desires to be added to the aerobatic policies, he/she is responsible for any additional premium fees incurred.